There’s this story about a man named Abram. It’s in Genesis chapters twelve and thirteen. God makes a covenant with him. After this, Abram is constantly building altars, which were places both of sacrifice and remembrance but specifically where he “called on the name of the LORD.” In this spot (12 & 13) and with these promises in mind, Abram set out on the beginning of this journey and built an altar. Then there was a famine so he had to move. He traveled down to Egypt and more or less manipulated his circumstances out of fear to ensure that he would not be killed. Because of that, he was no longer welcome to stay and was forced  to move once again. The funny thing is that because he had to leave, he went back to where he had built that first altar.

Imagine him walking back to that place and kneeling there as he remembered the significance of that spot where he had called on the name of the LORD. He may have been dismayed or discouraged, maybe even experiencing shame as he had seemingly not come so far. However, that instance ends with God once again repeating His promise to Abram and inviting him to walk in it with confidence.

It’s easy to think of journeys in linear form that have a starting point, a middle, and an end that are going in only one direction. But, sometimes, journeys bring you back to where you started; they are circular. Perhaps that is what process that is transformative looks like. It’s not so much about the arriving but the becoming.

This blog is simply an invitation into my own fragile pursuit of following and knowing Jesus Christ in this life and all that comes with it. My prayer is that through my own wrestling, you wrestle too. May these words capture moments that are pictures of remembering, knowing, and seeking after Jesus.


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